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Originally Posted by Shadowmeph View Post
I bought a Dell Laptop off of here the things runs perfect but I pulled the hard drive out and installed a SSD into it then installed windows8.1 I cannot get the LAN to work wifi works but the LAN doesn't for some reason it shows up in the Devicemanager with the yellow flag. if I put the other hard drive in it and run windows 7x64 everything works perfectly.
not unfortunately Dell doesn't have any driver support for anything newer the windows vista for this laptop
Then it most likely will not work. There are a lot of driver that were designed for Vista that work in Windows 7 but the same cannot be said about Windows 7 drivers for working in Windows 8.

You can sometimes find manufacturer drivers that may work but a lot of hardware in Dells is very specific.

You could try SWInfo or Speccy
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