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I run any games with my 8800GTX and Vista Business 64-bits perfectly. Your problem sounds like a Video problem. As soon as there is a game going, your computer crashes... update your video drivers. Also, try running your games with only 2 sticks of RAM (2GB) only. If you can, try to put another video card in this system and test it that way.

Originally Posted by Tazer-[X] View Post
umm, talking about EOLÉ your system kinda looks EoL to me And besides Atic computers said thats all they could have gotten for ATI peices. Quad core is ALOT beter if your into IT or crunching. ITs just a matter of taste, And apparently, your is the same right from the freakin case down cept i goit 2 more cores, and a waaay better board. You know it.

Oh no our systems aren't the same, I got Vista working with all my games though. With your Quad Core you must be rebooting super fast! So those freezes/hangs must be little breeze against your mighty machine
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