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Reply from Dave in applied research:

Off the top of my head no. sorry- as I haven't had much experience with the thermal glass- and I assume that structural silicone will no longer function at such low temperatures. I will certainly forward it around to see if I can come up with anything.

My own experience has been using acrylic- and various WeldOn products- 3, 14 or 40. I know that isopropanol aids in 'cleaning' the acrylic but I don't believe that it would melt away your tank. The Weld On product has certainly proven to be strong- with the acrylic giving a higher insulation value then typical glass. Certainly your temperature differentials will affect the acrylic- but it seems to be leading choice in regard to structure.

I have also heard of similar glass tanks being held together with poured concrete corners using Xypex admix- to reduce concrete saturation and bind cracks.

Hope this helps and good luck.
Couple ideas here and he is going to ask around. Seems some experiments are in order.
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