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Thanks Mibs, that is what I did. For all my OS's. XP pro 32 for work. XP lite 32 for gaming, xp 64, vista 32 and vista 64. Not one problem with any of those builds.

Great card! My 8800 GTS 640 watercooled at 680/1000 scored 49 fps in mass effect, 28 in Crysis @ 1920x1200. This card did 62 and 34 fps in those same benches at stock speeds. Cod4 is off the hook, 80+ fps at 1920x1200 with 4xAA and max anisio.

Stable at 680/1050 now. Today I'm going to slap on my watercooling and volt mod it. Going for the 850mhz core. If any of the big fall titles bring this thing to its knees I'll slap in another.
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