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Originally Posted by Generic User #2 View Post
Hello Lone,

I'm a pretty big mitx enthusiast (I've ONLY ever used mitx systems for myself). Your case is definitely interesting. Unfortunately, interesting to some by 'definition' means horrible to others. I would argue that people who are looking for mitx NASes have been catered to for a LONG time now; keep on doing these super-small formfactors - people like me who don't need storage or GPU power are severely underserved. ;)

sidenote: the NUC is the ideal candidate for no-storage, no-GPU users except for the lack of expandability. you MUST upsize to mitx if you need a socket.

just a couple of questions:

1. what does it look like with a complete build? I can't find the PSU in your OP.

2. how is the airflow for overclocking?

3. will you consider different sidepanels? with windows, optimized for ventilation, etc.

just some comments:

maybe put up a sample build guide? (I didn't notice one) It helps keeps people's expectations in line.

I am perfectly fine with your pricing so far. you should EXPECT to pay more for more unique formfactors (both small and large).
1. The PSU used is a picoPSU. They don't seem to be very well known on this forum?

2. I can't really comment on overclocking, but the airflow should be able to cool anything that the picoPSU will power.

3. Some others who have purchased the case have said they'd like a vented side panel, so I am hoping to make some available in the future. I'd personally like an acrylic side panel, but not something I've been able to spend any time looking into yet.

Thank you for your suggestions. I need to improve information and photos on my site. Most the information is lost in forum posts over at, or
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