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My System Specs


Originally Posted by LONE View Post

I may do a larger one someday. I have a few customers using the Sapphire HD 7750 Low Profile in this case. I don't know much about gaming GPUs, but from what I've been told, this appears to be about the most that you can safely run on a picoPSU-160-XT.
Yea, this is my point.. The options for mitx are very limiting either in they are too big but provide the features or too small and don't.. If you could hit that middle ground then your on a winner with a bigger market.

If I was building an Mitx system I would want support for:

good cooling, maybe a corsair H100 or similar on top/side with a 120mm intake at the bottom.
Reasonable psu.. Doesn't have to be big but a more readily available size would be good. At least 500w.
Enthusiast GPU.

I didn't see the hdd / ssd in the pics or the bracket for it, if there is room for 2 drives, thats plenty for a small build.

I know with a bigger psu and the h100 it will make this bigger but the point I'm trying to make is, If you can make the smallest chasis you can possible while fitting x y or z levels of hardware, you'll be on to a real winner.

As said above by a few people, a hand made, bespoke design, clean lines, and as small as possible (for their needs) should see a reasonable demand.

As for improvements that you could charge extra for... What about custom finishes in paint / trim? truely bespoke design and you can put lots of detail and charge accordingly (if your into that.. this is your hobby after all)
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