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Originally Posted by JJThomp View Post
You can't forget that there is probably a penalty when people join games together. Might be worth exploring, I know most games where you can join with friends in automated match making give you a rating boost because you can co-ordinate.

That being said I don't play the game any more so I can't actually speak to it I was just talking in general.
They do balance it insofar as having equal platoons on either side, but that still has no effect if one platoon is 'green' and the other is orange or red. Usually Green is all on one side, that's half the reason they are exploring this 7 man skill based and weighted match making.
They are exploring the possibility of adding in a skill based weight to the metric of match making in hopes to stem the tide. Because as a paying player its no fun when you get put as the only good player on a side 60% of the time.


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