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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
True and not true really.
The problem with the 'diverse' skill base in MM is that more often than not it sets a huge bias on one side for skill level versus the others. This has happened a lot more on recent games because of all the MM adjustments being made.
I've actually setup a few dummy accounts that I use to test this theory and so far it works well. Skilled or unskilled if only two 'green' players are on one side and 5-9 on the other, coupled with being in a lower tiered tank, you are euchered. The game does not adjust for skill level to balance it out and give each team a fair try at it. If the teams themselves were balanced by the global W7 Rating , then your theory would hold more ground as that would give an 'even' shot at it for most people and help develop skill.
I've been playing WoT since Beta, now (and espically since you can track the player stats live) it has been a steady progression of more and more teams that can just steamroll the other.

You can't forget that there is probably a penalty when people join games together. Might be worth exploring, I know most games where you can join with friends in automated match making give you a rating boost because you can co-ordinate.

That being said I don't play the game any more so I can't actually speak to it I was just talking in general.
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