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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
Honestly I am not sure why Displayport was even BOTHERED with since we have HDMI. I can't understand Thunderbolt as that is a multifunction interface that can do a whole lot more.
The reason for DisplayPort was to offer something that had no royalties as a connection alternative to HDMI.

Every time you advertise or use HDMI you have to pay for that licensing fee (which I imagine is small but it can add up over time). Your Graphics card has an HDMI port? Well HDMI just got some cash for you buying it. Your TV, same thing.

One good reason for DisplayPort, is the fact you only need 1 cable to do 4k at 60Hz, otherwise you need 2 HDMI cables to accomplish the same thing (4k at 30Hz for one HDMI cable)
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