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Originally Posted by IRQ Conflict View Post
Not for 3D. It is limited to 720p@60Hz in 3D. 2D will do 1080p@60Hz. Or 1080p@30Hz. HDMI is very limited in bandwidth. Good for movies, not so much for gaming.

Makes me wonder why they bothered with the 3D gaming angle in the first place.

HDMI 1.4b was released on October 11, 2011.[152] One of the new features is that it adds support to 3D 1080p video at 120 Hz -allowing frame packing 3D format at 1080p60 per Eye (120 Hz total) .[153] All future versions of the HDMI specification will be made by the HDMI Forum that was created on October 25, 2011.[43][154]
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