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The next update (8.9) which is in public beta now, introduces a new type of matchmaking, but it's limited to 7 players. So, I'll be interested in seeing how that works out, especially on the larger maps when people go 'lemming' mode.

These are (just a few of the) notes posted by WarGaming on the next update:

8.9.3 Public Test | Announcements | World of Tanks

“New game mode: "Team Battle." Battles for teams up to 7 players with balancing them by players' experience level

The following notes sound cryptic to me and perhaps an indication that the MM system is quite a convoluted system. I also suspect they have a lot of MM tweaks they don't post :)

“Edited parameters of Personal Rating:

Strongly reduced influence of battle quantity after reach of certain limit
Added limiting factors on 'cheating' with percentage indicators
Removed low end limits on average damage dealt and average XP received
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