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Matchmaker has gotten much better for somethings (Tighter tier spread) , however regardless of are one player....there is really a limited amount at most tiers you can do.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say that skill doesn't matter...more that it matters only so much.
It hurts a lot in the lower tiers, and too many times people running XVM (I never do) see teams that have 20% chance of winning...the system doesn't take into consideration player 'weight'. I worked for wargamming and understand how MM picks its tanks...but there isn't a solid metric in the system yet that determines whom to put on which side.
And as of late with all the influx of new players and such its diluted to the point where a lot of games you say "why bother".

Ironically, where player skill really matters in the utmost is WoWP.
I have found that single good players can more than hold their own when the team facerolls it.
It feels more skill based, because unlike the 2D WoT, you fight in 3 dimensions and if you have good awareness and knowledge can rule the field.


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