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Hi Kirbster This is one of the best post for the G1.sniper a88x board for me! Plain simple and easy to understand.
I am just wondering If you could help me out with the Overclocking i am just new to this but i really want to try and see what this new rigs of ours Can do.
I have tried to search for a step by step guide to no avail.. most of them are jargons to me

Here is my setup

Proc: Amd A10-5800k
Mobo: G1.sniper a88x
Ram:Gskills Ripjaws 4x2 (so i dont want to confuse ) i got 2 pieces of 4gigs running on dual channel
CPU cooler: Cooler master Hyper T4
Power Supply: Corsair Vs450

I would just like to Overclock the stock 3.8 just abit a bove 4.2 if possible with my power supply and Aircooler..
If you can please help me with this it will be very much appreciated thanks!
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