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At the moment BBM wont bring revenue directly, it will bring BlacKBerry back into the mind share as well as demonstrate a little of what BlackBerry is capable of. Waiting list is gone now but it made a lot of sense initially, servers crashing would have been significantly worse than waiting a couple hours for a pin.

But by the looks of things it looks like BBM is being extremely successful, WhatsApp and others should start to be concerned right about now. All BlackBerry really needs to do now, to put a nail completely in the coffin is to release a PC client. Game Over.

Next up, Skype.

Also wanted to address the lack of Apps. First of all if your on these forums you can sideload apps, load up the unlocked runtime and your golden for just about every android app now.

Second, I've only really sideloaded Tumblr and Netflix, everything else that I need I have. Web, Email, Phone, Twitter, Maps, Calendar. All there, everything else is just icing.

And Personally, I love the Hardware on my Z10, ignore the specs the phone flys anyways. Want a more powerful phone, get the Z30. BB10>Android/iOS
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