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My System Specs

Default Issues using XMP profile on X79S-UP5-WIFI

I just got this board and I cannot get the xmp profile to work for memory. I have updated to the latest bios F4. I have populated all 4 sticks on the outside or grey memory slots. When I try to boot up using the inside or black slots, i get into a boot cycle and cannot boot.

When using the grey slots if I boot the mobo with xmp profile, it will not boot. I have tried manually changing the memory voltage to 1.6v.

I am using an I7 3820 and here is the model number of the memory, I am using two kits or 4 sticks:


I have tried booting up with each stick on the grey slot and it works. I have also used the same memory on MSI Z77 Mpower board and recently Rampage 3 extreme, although I only used 3 sticks.

What do you think? I am thinking it's the mobo, but let me know if I can try anything else?

EDIT: while on default bios setting, I was just gaming D3, and my whole system shut down, rebooted and then went back to D3 and froze.

I am using a galaxy gtx 670, that I have been using fora while in different other set ups.

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