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Default Windows 8, ssd and Dell

Well, heres my story...

I bought a Dell 15r SE 7520 a few weeks ago, and i absolutely love it. All I am missing was an ssd for overall speed. I've ordered a HDD caddy to replace my dvd drive, and ordered a 240gb ssd. I got my ssd today and have since tried to install windows 8 on the ssd... I tried using Dell's backup BS, and it would work, if my ssd was bigger than 693gb. I guess the backup only works with a disk bigger than the disk you backed up ( and my disk only has 180gb used...). I could clone the disk, but i dont need steam on my ssd, or anythign but the OS, chrome and MS office. anyway, cloning is still a possibility, but i dont really want to do it.

SO, the next thing I tried was what I "thought" i knew best. Clean, fresh reinstall. I bought windows 8 pro wayy back last november when it was only 45$, so i redownloaded it, and used the prod key, which MS accepted. Downloaded it onto a USB stick, and tried to install it on the ssd. It came up saying "the product key entered does not match any of the windows images available for installation. Enter a different product key".

Does anyone have any experience putting an ssd in a Dell and reinstalling windows?

** For those who say tl;dr heres the short version
240gb ssd, Dell 7520
Windows wont install

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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