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great thanks for the tips guys.
I've only opened a PSU once and I didn't touch anything inside...
Are the fans usually "plugged" into something or would I have to do some soldering?
I'd have to look up how exactly to replace the fan without dying of electric shock though

Originally Posted by Infiniti View Post
Or, you can buy my PSU, which is the OCZ GameXstream 700W. Its better to futureproof than have to buy a new PSU in the future, isn't it?

My FS thread:

I might be able to give you it for a lower price, since I need the money.
hehe. Nice try infiniti but no thanks. The PSU is for an 'extra' PC I am building. It's a micro ATX and it will only have 1 vid card in it. I don't think I will need a 700w for that
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