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My System Specs


Originally Posted by mickeyaaaa View Post
Plenty of $$ to build a great system, and it looks like you've chosen fairly well, even possibly overkill for a single monitor/single gpu system.

Not sure if saving $$ is important to you but from what i've read the i7 processor could be a total waste for your system (single monitor, single graphics card). It likely will not perform any better in games than an upper end i5. Just Google "i5 bottleneck gtx770" and you'll find relevant discussions on the topic.

$100~ savings and no hit to performance.

Put the $100 savings into the 256 GB version of the SSD and then pack even more good stuff onto it (i'm getting the samsung evo 256 gb on my low budget gaming system i'm putting together). 120 GB isn't much space really...
+1 to what he says
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