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Default Streaming content program help or advice please

Does anyone on the forums have any experience with either of these programs?
I am looking to stream content to all rooms of the house with a easy to use GUI and perhaps the possibility of live tv or at least streaming online content.
Both programs by the looks of things and the reading I am doing, have their pluses and minuses.
XMBC looks extremely flexible,tons of add ons, and needs nothing to run on, while plex looks like a finished product but can't add as much too it
There is going to be a central "server" so to speak with amd 6 core.6 GB ram and dedicated gpu to serve up local content, along with a gigabit hard wired network to eliminate any hiccups.

So basically, can anyone recommend from personal experience one of these that would be easier for others( ie wife ) to use, as well as the possibility of streaming movies/tv shows online. Oh and most importantly, it has to be reliable
I've been using ps3 media server for the longest time , and it's time to move to something better.
thanks everyone
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