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Originally Posted by draemn View Post
Most places that you download from will not upload at a speed as fast as your internet can handle. Microsoft is great for only giving you a slow trickle for download speeds. Steam is *usually* really good at using up as much bandwith as you can handle, so other than when major games come out, etc and steam is just flooded with downloads, you will be downloading games as fast as your internet lets you.

If you can download a game off steam at 430 KB/s, that means you're getting just shy of 4 mpbs from your internet.
Thanks - that makes me feel a little better.

I thought the difference between a KB and MB should have been like 1000 times more so knowing that 400 kbs is roughly 4 mps means I'm getting what they say I should get (well they say 5 mps but that's sales hype I rarely get over 4 mps on Speednet).

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