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Maybe Mantle unlock the power of parallel work in AMD cpu's is a way, that make these competitive with Intel offerings in games too. They did not lag behind too much even now. Of course they need to trim the TDP down, since 220W TDP 5GHz beast is funny hobby project, but nothing else.
If they can do the same performance in the 80-120 TDP range, then now we are talking :)

No other competition could come any time soon, because to compete with Intel, you need Intel resources and marketing and push, that many times optimized the benchmarks to perform best on their processors. They do influence even the compilers and optimalizations, so...

It was kinda red pill for me, when I read about how Linux was pushed to get the RND number output only and directly from special Intel CPU function. It make one wonder, why this interest, when there is seemingly nothing to be gained out of it... unless you see how being able to predict or even influence the output of the RND generator and then break some encryptions much easier... When things like that are happening, it make one wonder, how deep the rabbit hole rally goes.
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