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Originally Posted by JD View Post
Exactly, thus my comment. The only reason people buy Macs is for the perceived lifestyle/status and design of the physical machines. I don't believe they care much about the internal hardware or OS. It's to show that yes, I own an Apple product, look at me!
Not completely true. According to my sister, the design industry is so entrench in Mac and the fonts that they use ain't even available in PC so basically she is stuck with a Mac. To avoid cross platform issues, she basically have to use a Mac since the clients and the print shops all use Mac. Trust me, while she like the styling of Macs, she don't really want to pay for the premium. The only reason she later got an iPhone is because she's entrenched in the Mac OS ecosystem. Right now she's running a Q6600 w/ 8GB of RAM Hackintosh and an old CD (that's right CD, not even a C2D) MacBook Pro.
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