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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
Except that is exactly what a mac is now. A pc running OSX with FreeBSD as its backend.
Exactly, thus my comment. The only reason people buy Macs is for the perceived lifestyle/status and design of the physical machines. I don't believe they care much about the internal hardware or OS. It's to show that yes, I own an Apple product, look at me!

And the fact is, Macs have come down in price quite a bit and are basically equal to a decent Windows PC you'd buy from a store. I'm not sure what this talk of a 500% markup that the OP is mentioning. If you took Intel's NUC platform and compared it to the Mac mini, I think the cost would be pretty similar. Likewise, the Macbook Air starts around $1k which is what a typical Windows Ultrabook would cost with similar specs and build quality.

I don't like Macs by any means, or any Apple product for that matter, but if I wanted one, I would want the real thing. Not a knock-off Windows PC running OSX.

If you just want to play with OSX, then install it within VMware. No need to put it on physical hardware.
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