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My System Specs


People still use Driver Cleaner and Driver Sweeper? They're very outdated and it doesn't seem to detect anything. Can't get into safe mode either, despite holding F8. Probably need to use my mechanical keyboard for that...

No BSOD. Just a black screen. Sometimes the screen will come back, but otherwise it'll continue to act as if no signal was being sent to the monitor.

It is factory overclocked, and there is no PSU problem. I've been running Folding@Home the whole time prior to this, so there is no way the power draw from a idle 7950 is more than a fully loaded PC running Folding@Home.

I haven't put in my GTX 460 yet... Going to do that now. Just got home.

Edit: Even with AMD's beta drivers, it just glitched so hard that it exited the OCCT 3D test and I'm stuck on desktop... Now I'm unsure whether it's a driver failure or hardware failure.

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