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My System Specs

Default WC for these 680's....too old now ;) However, thats the plan for upcoming Maxwell GTX8xx Series !!

1. Books sitting at the bottom were temporary, keep it off the carpet, I have seen built a low shelf on castors for it ;)
2. OC on my 3930K is great at 4.9Ghz...only 1.4v under full load and cool.
3. Tri SLi Cards pretty much have to be "tight" like that on a X58 or X79 Board, its the way it is ;) Temps are very good: 22 / 25 / 27 Idle and 60 / 68 / 72 under full load (highest temp being the top card). It is possible to put the lower Card in the lowest slot, but this is the set-up I like the most for optimal PCI-E BUS Speed....hence investing in good cooling fans..... Yes they scream along nicely !
4. Push / pull on the top likely gets me an additional 3 -4c cooler (at least) vs 3 fans only...what I need for 4.9 - 5 Ghz ;)

I've also swapped out 4 Stock Corsair Chassis Fans for Silverstone Air Penetraters w Blue LED, rear exhaust is a Gelid Wing 1200 RPM 140mm......

Firestrike Extreme: 23.772K
Timespy: 18.613K
MARK 11: 40.185K


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