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Default Thermaltake VD 4000 mini review

At first glance I thought this was going to be a Fantastic case, you could drive a Mack through it its so huge!
However, upon closer inspection of the PSU space I soon discovered that it wouldn't take anything bigger than a 750w PSU. I have a Thermaltake ToughPower 1200w. I tried every angle possible to slip the 1200 in and it simply was not going to go, I even tried a shorter Antec Quatrro 850w and it wouldn't fit either!
Between the bottom support bracket and the bracket that holds the mount for the top usb/fw/mic there isn't enough room to slide in the longer psu's. The mounting slot and hole for the top supporting bracket supplied (not pictured) is directly above the lower one leaving only enough room for maybe a 750w psu.

All they had to do was use screws instead of rivets so the bottom support bracket could be removed to install the longer psu's and then screw the bracket back into place and add a couple of slots and holes for the upper support bracket and problem solved! The worst part to me is that their own psu's won't fit their own case!! With todays power hungry video cards and other components the least they could've done was allow ample room to fit the larger psu's.

Now I know I could tap out the rivets, remove the bottom bracket and drill a couple of new holes to remount it and do the same for the top bracket but modding it would void warranty and honestly...should I have too??

Thermaltake? should be ashamed of yourselfs for such an obvious design flaw.
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