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My System Specs


Sell all of it and get a qnap NAS. :)

If you don't want to sell it I would highly suggest getting a cheap passively cooled video card. Raid 1 the important data or build multiple raid 1's if you want. This computer should handle multiple connections no problem. Alternatively you could add a 1gb network card and bridge it along with the other motherboard nic card spread the love a little easier. :) I think you'll find that multiple people actually accessing the file server at the same time happens less frequently than most people think. I've used a USB2 drive plugged into my router and run two movies at the same time on different computers no problem. So really... a computer like yours will easily handle files.

-Invest in a inexpensive raid card. Adaptec or LSI. Something that will run raid 0,1,10. These can be had for 100 bux. I think the hardware raid's are far more reliable and responsive.
-I like the idea of using an ssd for a file server only for fast reboots etc and I will be using one in mine as well.
-low speed 1000rpm fans Geild makes 10 dollar fans that are perfect for file servers imo.
-any more than 4gb of ram is a waste for a small file server it wont get used.
-don't overclock... you want this cpu running as cool as possible on the lowest RPM cooler you can. Saving power is the key here.
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