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My System Specs

Default Get A watt gizmo and find out.

OK you got me with 15 fans on a water cooled system - that's going to be one frigid system.

I'm too much of a novice to offer you much advice but will be interested in the outcome of this discussion as I'm thinking at some point I'll add a second HD7970 (or one of them new X280's) and crossfire them.

But I was worried that my Antec 620m would not have enough umph for my new HD7970. On the advice of "Bond007" I bought a Hampton Energy Monitor and attached it to my system and found that even when running 3D Mark 11 or playing a game (Shift2) the energy consumption of my rig barely touched 300w. That monitor is all of $19 and then you'll know what your rig is drawing. I think you'll be surprised by how little it does draw.

There are PSU calculators but according to the knowledge bank here they are pretty useless. See my discussion of these PSU Calculators

Now you have two video cards and almost twice the fans (I have eight case fans ~ or are you counting the video card fans and PSU fans? - if so I'm up to 12 so 15 ain't all that many after all) Anyway, I have no idea of the difference in the draw of your CPU vs my APU but save yourself the guessing and find out the actual draw, especially if you already have the 750m. It's only $20 - and a handy gizmo in your tool box.

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