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Thank you for your eventual reply. :)

It is not an issue with MSI AB as it happens with Precision X as well. To further support that assertion that it is a BIOS issue, is I have 3rd party BIOS which mitigates the issue on MSI AB and Precision X (which I have FWD to MSI weeks ago). I have been back and forth with MSI for almost 8 weeks now in improving this bios and nothing has come out of them yet... The original LN2 bios shipped with the same power limit as default (109%), hence the new bios to 300%. The 'public' LN2 bios ships with +100mv and 300% limit. Since I have a bios that works with MSI AB... AB isn't the problem.

My apologies for missing the blurb about the power use... I swear it wasn't there before, LOL!

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