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My System Specs


Go with a high end i5 and throw your money at a better GPU or that SSD. If you're not getting a K series chip it pretty much isn't worth overclocking anymore... those days are long gone. You're stuck trying to get intel QuickSync to work with OBS for streaming if you want to do all of that in your price range.

I'm not gonna make specifics yet, but for general idea:

Case ~50-60 will get you something pretty decent
Mobo, I am not current on H87 mobos, but I would expect you would be looking at $80 for something worth buying
PSU you can get away with $70
Memory is pretty expensive last I checked, so that'll set you back at least $90
CPU cooler will not be required (the one in the box is sufficient, even for a little over-clocking)
CPU will set you back $220 for 4670 or $240 if you want to over-clock (better value for your money than a 4770).
HDD will set you back $60-70
ODD (if you need one) will set you back $15
Wifi card (if not in the mobo itself) will set you back $10 if you look for sales
totals up to about $600. You can get a pretty good GPU for under $240 if you only want to buy new (vs used), putting you right in your budget range. Only way to fit in that SSD without compromising your graphics card heavily is to pick up a couple parts used or go slightly over that budget. SSD is extremely well worth your money, 120GB is the minimum to not have to constantly be moving programs on/off your SSD, but you can always look into a "cache" SSD if the 120GB stays out of your price range.
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