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Originally Posted by dosmond View Post
One more question regarding this case, the hard drive cages the lower one has 3 hd bays, the upper one has 5, is it possible to swap locations on the cages? In all the reviews I see people removing the top one only, and moving the lower one into a further back position, however I really don't want my ssd's on the back of the motherboard tray I would rather have it in one of the cages but I have 3 hard drives and 2 ssd's. Can anyone confirm that the plastic pieces can be moved from one cage to the other and allow only the larger cage to be installed in the bottom of the case.
The plastic pieces can most definitely be moved from cage-to-cage, but the bottom cage has a number of extra screws that go in the floor of the case, the motherboard tray, and has an L-bracket stabilizing it to the front panel.

So you'll likely need to get your drill bit out to replicate some of these holes in the larger drive cage in order to get it to swap in and be solid.

This is all from memory but I remember considering this when I had the case.

It's still an awesome case though.

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