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My System Specs

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First at all - a very nice review, thank you very much for it! The board looking sweet, the components seems to be well designed and the layout is surprisingly clean :)

I like that.
Not big fan of the LED things, but whatever. I won't see that under the desk, so...
What I find quite innovative is the interchangable opamp and nicely looking presumably audio caps on the board. Hooray for that!

As the APU performance, it sure suit home use. Won't attract gamers, that is for sure, but will work for many. And mainly for causual web browsing, emails and YewTube. That is what most users do.

I do wonder, if nVidia feel threated by this. I bet they do, because that sort of eliminate the need for low-end card completely. So unless the card can't play FarCry 3 at decent framerate, what good is this card for?

Again thanks for a good review, it seems that this is pretty interesting board and despite not being aimed at overclockers it overclock pretty nicely
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