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My System Specs


Budget, I'd say under $600. I'm really looking for a plug and play solution rather than build my own as reliability is absolutely key (currently running Raid 1 with weekly local and monthly offsite backups). The current NAS is mapped as a drive on our Windows XP Pro / 7 machines, no server in the network.

I finally educated our drafting detailers on why we store drawings on the NAS rather than a local drive when one of their machines blew up taking 2 weeks of work with it. I'm also trying to go paperless with our estimating process, and adoption will be easier if we have a speedier response time for opening large PDF files for markups (up to 300 MB).

We have a crappy ADSL line that runs a whole 3 Mb/s down 100 Kb/s up so cloud storage is out.
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