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New UEFI DualBIOS, call dashboard mode.
Resolution is 1920 X 1080. Top column is voltage, fan speed and temperature.
Left side is CPU and DRAM related information. Right side is system status, showing other voltage and fan status.
In picture, it?s X02 version BIOS. You almost can see all hardware status and parameters in this page.

There are 7 languages for selecting. Right side is calendar.

CPU Voltage Page
You can set 9 CPU related voltage parameters. It offers more options for enthusiasts.
When I use air cooling, I only set CPU Vcore to 1.232V.

DRAM details
CPU frequency set at 125MHz and enable DDR3 XMP mode. Multiplier set at 24.00.
You can reach DDR3 3000. BTW, the DRAM voltage is 1.65V.

If you don?t get used to the new interface, you can switch back to the previous one.

Besides higher resolution, new UEFI DualBIOS also improves the convenience.
You can set up CPU frequency and voltage at first page, even DRAM clock and voltage.
For most OC setup, you can finish at one page to save time.
However, it still takes time to get used to the new interface for new users.
The above reference setting is i5-4670K OC 4.5GHz bundling withCORSAIR DDR 2800 OC 3000.

System Configuration
CPU: Intel Core i5-4670K
DRAM: CORSAIR Dominator Platinum CMD16GX3M4A2800C11
VGA: Intel HD Graphics 4600 / PowerColor AX7970 3GBD5-2DHV3
HDD: Samsung 830 Series 128GB SSD
Cooler: Thermalright Archon SB-E X2
OS: Windows8 64bit

Intel Core i5-4670K OC Performance
CPU 100 X 45 => 4501.35MHz 1.232V
DDR3 3001.2 CL11 14-14-36 1T 1.668V

Hyper PI 32M X4 => 7m 22.374s
CPUMARK 99 => 782

Nuclearus Multi Core => 29232
Fritz Chess Benchmark => 30.58/14680

CrystalMark 2004R3 => 421951

CPU => 7.63 pts
CPU(Single Core) => 1.97 pts
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