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Default AMD Radeon 7870 or AMD Radeon 7950? $210 Gift Card to Spend

Forced to buy from and I'm wondering which one to go for, simply because Newegg prices are terrible. But having a $210 gift card to burn though, well I'm forced to buy there. I said I'm leaning towards the 7950 in the R9 comment thread, but after tax before MIR, the XFX version is around $270. That's quite a lot of money.. The 7870 is more in my budget, but it ain't as crazy good as the 7950. There is no 7950 replacement either, which makes the 7950 that much more special.

Note I'm buying the GPU to burn that $210. I don't game nearly enough to warrant a new GPU, so if you guys have another suggestion on how to spend that $210, I'm all ears.
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