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My System Specs


So years ago I already gather for this recap the caps, witch give me Big Pope - at lest these Samxon caps. Adding the 1000uF 4V cap increased the total Vcore output capacity to 18 300mF in 8 caps! (for example the famous Socket 462 mobo DFI Lanparty B have Vcore output wth only 4 caps and 13 200mF totl capacity - and no polymers!)

Whole look at the Vcore part of the mainboard after recap:

Look at the bottom caps from Vcore and for the AGP powering:

Much smaller todays polymers (560uF was - 1000uF is) for the same voltage is really just small "bits" compared to these 3300uF Samxon GC caps near them:

On the other hand, a 2700uF Samxon URL polymers are quite big pieces of caps:

And at the end, whole look at the MSI 6340 mainboard - little mobo:

Fun fact - after powering the mobo for the first time it show up, that for whole five years the real time clock is running. And on top of that, it even show good time - only +30min, witch is for 5 years w/o usage and with desoldered caps something amazing, I did not expect that :) And mobo is working quite well after the recap, even that the new CPU-Z version does not detect FSB, witch is weird. But the CPU-Z autor is already asked for some info to fix this, so there is a hope that this get fixed:
CPU-Z Validator 3.1
FSB 0 is not looking really truthfully :D
Also is worth noting, that the mobo has a pretty detailed setup in the bios (especially considering that this is VIA KT133 chipset and SDRAMs) and even overclock possibilities, where one can choose from Default setting (100MHz) to 112MHz FSB (37MHz for PCI). However the result from this last settings (with so quality caps I did not expected and problem so I tried this right away) is, that CPU is working at 256MHz when using this setting :D (30x7.5) Well, there is a good deal of fun with this little MSI mobo... :)
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