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Smile MSI 6340 recap

Some five years ago my friend Peter give my this MSI 6340 micro ATX mobo with the Duron 750 CPU. It allegedly worked, but very, very unstable. However I got intersed, because I see mainboard back from 2001 for Socket 462 processors - Duron, Athlon - that got interestingly designed Vcore regulator and mainly a polymer Fujitsu caps. The yellow ones are polymers - regardless that they have the top perforations like elektrolyte caps:

Also as they say - everything small is nice. And this board is really small, almost like just fit tomy hand:

The fact that the mainboard is unstable is understandable. It is only enough to look, what caps are on it - many bad caps like these Chhsi ones:

And these terrible caps are combined with polymers, witch is trully interesting combination, witch in the end probably allow the board to survive all the time working. At least sort of...

Near Vcore output coil, witch get pretty how when the caps in Vcore are bad, the Chhsi cap is leaking now:

...but it looks like these two good polymers hold him pretty well, so the computer somehow worked.

Except quality polymers there are on the mainboard also good caps - Chemicon KZE - as input filter caps, witch sure worked well. Even I did not trust Chemicons much, the bad batches of them are only the KZG, KZJ, TMV and TMZ series, not the KZE. And on top of that, they are nicely green:

However all that is not going to stop the instability of chipset, witch power voltage is "filtered" Chhsi terrible cap...

But all it all this looks like a decent Vcore design (for 2001):

560uF 4V Fujitsu polymers and 2700uF 6.3V Chhsi terrible caps is almone relatively qualite Vcore filtering, unless they start to break down, of course:

For rams and USB ports voltage filtering are used these bad caps Tayeh:

Of course the big problem is, when you push to big and heated coil a capacitor. This cap is really having a troubles, when the whole cascade is start to overhat:

However as you can see, bad caps are bulging even when they are long away from all typically overheating componets, like coils and mosfets:

MSI 6340 v1
2x 4700uF 6.3V d12.5 (Chemi-con KZE) -> 2x 4700uF 6.3V Panny FM d12.5 - P12347-ND
4x 2700uF 6.3V d10 (Chhsi) -> 4x 3300uF 6.3V Samxon GC d10
2x 820uF 4V d10 (Fujitsu) -> 2x 2700uF 2.5V Samxon ULR d10
2x 560uF 4V d8 (Fujitsu) -> 3x 1000uF 4V Samxon ULR d8
6x 1000uF 6.3V d8 (Chhsi) -> 6x 1000uF 6.3V Samxon GC d8
3x 330uF 6.3V d6.3 (Tayeh) -> 3x 470uF 6.3V Samxon GD d6.3
2x 47uF 16V d5 SMD -> 2x 47uF 16V Panny FK SMD d5 (16V) - PCE3397CT-ND
4x 10uF 16V d4 SMD -> 4x 10uF 16V Panny X5R SMD ceramic (4V) - PCC216CT-ND

(one polymer I added near the CPU, because it was removed and these 47 and 10uF SMD little caps I did not yet replaced, as I did not have anything to replace them with ATM)
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