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My System Specs


Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Or it suggests that their software VRM monitoring is FUBAR'd.....

For the record, most VRMs operate within their normal constraints up to 125C. Some designs like the ones used on ASUS' DirectCU II cards are rated to 150C.
That is their operational point, but that and when the card is set to throttle could be mutually exclusive of each other.

Still, that is one damn hot component. Would love to see these cards under the FLIR and see how hot they are in total. How much heat splash they have. They did that back in the day for NVidia cards when the 400 series was out. Would be interesting to see if they have the same thermal footprint, or one close.

Regardless of that, these coolers (XFX) look damn sexy and well constructed. XFX for a while I thought was getting away from nice designs (Had 6950's and 6850's) as those felt cheap and not well thought out (lets not forget the fan separating from one of mine). Nice to see they got that part right again.


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