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My System Specs


Hey, I would not stress out over this, it's going to be a great upgrade no matter what you choose.

Now, if I were buying now:

Processor: 4770K and appropriate asus 1150 deluxe motherboard that you wanted
Video Card: I would get the ASUS's 670 if that's the card for you
SSD: Good choice
RAM: You linked 4x4 memory btw just FYI... Ram is crazy expensive now, maybe 2x8 then you can always get 2 more later.. (~$170 for 16gb ~$385 for 32gb)
Storage HDD: I would not get the hybrids just more points of failure imo Get the best bang for the buck at the moment. (I would get Western Digital maybe the 3tb red?)

Finally it looks like you are buying online... I would call up ncix and give them all your components and they will most likely give you a better deal... Heck you may even offer the $50 to build it and get it fully tested/warranty... I know the lure to build a machine is fun but if you run into any DOA components it will put a damper on things, expecially if you don't have easy access to replacement parts... Just to give you an example I built a computer last week after 20 years of computer experience I had my first DOA board.. Luckily the local store agreed and they rma'ed the board and replaced it for me free. Now since you are in NB and buying online think about what you will do if you have a DOA component, do you have time to wait for RMA's etc?

Good luck let us know how it goes.

edit: wd 3tb red suggestion

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