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Default Heavy Stuttering Effect with AMD 1090T


This is my first post here and needed help with my home PC. Here is the config.
AMD 1090T Stock OC.
Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H
Corsair 8GB RAM complete Stock.
Corsair H50 Cooler
Corsair VX550 Power Supply
ATI 4850 Sonic Edition
Asus Xonar D2X Sound Card

As of late I am facing heavy stuttering issue in general usage. The issue is:
  1. Delay in Bootup.
  2. Takes lot of time to stabilize.
  3. Even general web surfing,music playing there is this stuttering just how we face before a BSOD.
  4. Heavy CPU Usage even on Idle. I am seeing the CPU spike to 100% even when it has been 15mins on idle and I am not running any program.
  5. Oddly the temperatures are within range.( I dont have an AC in my room).I check via HWInfo.
I have tried to turn on and off services and custom boot to no avail. I think I have tried selecting number of cores in custom boot to 6 but to no avail. I have also disabled Cool and Quiet from my BIOS but there was no change. The services and startup list is normal according to the softwares installed and I dont see any weird programs running.(Atleast to me.)

I will also like if anybody can provide me softwares names to download and run from where I can share the reports here. I am new to troubleshooting at this level. I do not have access to my home PC since I live in another town but will have in a few days. Till then what may be the problem? I have heard Bulldozers are not efficient against their counterparts.

Thanks in advance.


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