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Default No Regrets on buying my HD 7970

Well I was a little worried that maybe I should have waited and not bought my HD 7970 when I did, but reading the review I'm glad I didn't wait. As was mentioned above with the bargains available on HD 7970's I don't see the new versions flying off the shelves anytime soon until the old stock is gone. (FYI I got Gigabytes Windforce OC version for $275 - $30 MIR = $245 + three games, which i need to select soon). I'm glad to see they simplified Eyefinity - got an older card and thinking of Eyefinity, better buy your active display adaptor now because I expect in the not to distant future they will be obsolete and gone.

I wonder if you will be able to Xfire the new card with a HD 7970?

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