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Default Full throttle modding

It is time to get back to some good old fashion modding. So now that I have a motherboard and the custom motherboard tray, I lined up where the I/O shield and back-plate where going to go. I also started bending acrylic for a shroud to cover up the rad on top part of the case. This shroud I had to be very careful, with because I was dealing with two bends plus lining up all the mounting and air flow cut outs. It was not easy, buts its done now. I still have to sand down the edges and cut end caps. The end caps will then be fused to the bent piece. At this current time I am on the fence about painting the shroud to match the case or leaving bare acrylic. I have designed the shroud to hold anther set of fans so the top rad will be able to do a push pull configuration. Enough with the explanations check out the pictures.

There is still a little more to be cut from the back of the case. The project is really coming together now thank god. I am not sure how much more of this my fiancee can take.

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