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Default There is a Sniper in the building

There is a sniper in the building. To be more clear, its a Gigabyte G1 Sniper M5. In the past few weeks I have been getting ready to purchase the mother board, cpu and ram. Since all of these parts affect each other, I took a long time deciding if I was going Intel or AMD, which in turn set the stage at which combination of parts where going into this build. There are a few big reasons I picked Intel and most of those revolve around the G1 Sniper M5. The mATX board is loaded with features for enthusiasts. The colour scheme of the G1 Sniper M5 closly matches Umbra Aqua also. The last reason I picked this board is because of the great audio capabilities over other boards in the same price range. Umbra Aqua is very tight on space and I needed hardware that not only would work great but also do many different things without sacrificing space.

On the other hand once I decided I was going with Intel chipset its was very clear early on in this build I would need a quad core CPU or more. Intel realeased there Z87 platform four months ago and with that came one very special CPU. The i7 4770K not only is it the king of the hill on the Z87 chipset but comes with a range of new technology. First of all its built on a 22nm fabrication, shrinking the die even more then 3770k. The Haswell line-up also comes with a wide array of RAID support and supports up to 6, SATA 3 (6Gbps) drives. What makes the 4770k so special to me is that it still supports Hyper Threading, thus with four cores outs puts eight threads. Todays games might not all take advantage of eight threads but some games currently do and future titles seem to be leaning towards more and more cores. That said choosing the 4770K was a no brainier.

Choosing RAM for this build was much harder. When I started this build many moons ago, RAM prices where at an all time low. Now a days the price for 8GB of performance grade ram is easily over $120. So picking RAM was hard, but in the end one company really stood out. Kingston has been pumping out great hardware for years, and last year they introduced there new Hyper X Beast. With an aggrisive heat spreader and 8 layer PCB, there Hyper X Beast kits where made for pure overclockers in mind. Not only does Kingston have great products but an amazing warranty also.

Intel i7 4770K Unboxing and Overview *Video*

Gigabyte G1 Sniper M5 socket 1150 Unboxing and Overview *Video*

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