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Originally Posted by jas420221 View Post
Along those lines, I have a question about this card... When you used the LN2 bios and 300% limit, did you see excessive power use even at the LN2 stock clocks and voltages in MSI AB? I am hitting 300% power limit with just the 100mv addition and clocks of 1240-1267MHz (didn't touch memory) which is causing the card to throttle prematurely. At stock speeds and voltage, it says it uses ~250%...which doesn't seem possible. Note, I do not see this power use translate to actual power use in my KillaWatt either, but there is no doubt it is throttling prematurely. With a 300% limit, I shouldn't be coming close to seeing the clock speeds drop.

Just wondering what you saw on the LN2 bios. Also, did you flash to the new bios they gave out I assume?
Yes, as mentioned in the review, this is an issue with AfterBurner. According to MSI, this issue will be fixed sometime I soon. The issue carries over into all BIOSes and all version of AB.
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