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My System Specs

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sswilson -
super pi performance back in the P4 days was strongly influenced by memory and bus speeds as well cpu clock speeds
That is why it make me wonder, how the performance gains are so minimal. But it is consistent in these minimalistic gains when O/C:
P4 540 - 128MHz more (200x16 to 208x16) = 0.079sec gained at SuperPi 1M test
P4 650 - 200MHz more over 540 (200x17) + L2 (44.157 to 41.297) = 3sec gain at SuperPi 1M test
P4 650 - 200MHz more over 540 (200x17) + L2 (48min 45.890 to 48min 04.047) = 41sec gain at SuperPi 32M test

Looks like the 1M test is way more affected by the ram itself that the 32M test, so therefore there is more noticable (%) gain. But when overclocking the P4 650, the results will be likely similary minimal gains on performance...

Any chance your OC has negatively affected either of those?
Zero. All the "overclocking" was about increasing the FSB, no relaxed timings, nothing like that. At the 2-3-2-7 settings are these rams tested up to 216MHz, so... not need to worry at 206 or 208MHz

b1lk1 -
DDR2 and memory speeds are definitely the problem.
Yep, I wish I can use DDR2. Sadly, only DDR(1) are supported by this mobo.

I remember slapping P4's around with my 3200+ back in the day running OCZ VX ram.
That is quite possible, as P4 is definitively not effective per clock at all. I wonder, how the P4 670 CPU could looks by the MHz per seconds effectivity on SuperPi A good glimpse of that is shown up there:
Superpi 32m Benchmark Competition

I had that stuff running 277MHz CAS2, with 4.1V of course, LOL!
Cas2 at 277MHz? What chips you used, lol?
I looking for some ram for my S939 rig, about 2x1024 so I can have it for normal usage, when I make it work... and of course I would like if it can be clocked faster that 200MHz default... In fact, I having some settings problems and if you check there:
Superpi 1m Benchmark Competition
I go to the 4th place by running rams at only 200MHz and 2,5-3-3-7, witch is nothing exactly fast...
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