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My System Specs


Put my new toy the Hampton Energy Monitor onto my downstairs rig to see how many watts that machine was pulling - sans video card - barely broke 110w when I ran the Windows Index (4.0 btw). So I dropped in one of my HD 6670's (it only has room for one such card) and ran the test again - 122w. Adding the video card increased demand by 12 whole watts. I also ran 3D Mark11 to see if that would test it anymore - nope - still a max of 122w. (Mark11 score was 1400 :( ).

So I guess the 300w Sparkling PSU will do just fine, even with the video card installed.

And I'll just stick with the Antec 620m on my A10 rig as I said in another post where I reported on the watts that machine is drawing (320w).

More money for games eh?

Fort Kent, Alberta

2012 - A10 Rig
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