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Originally Posted by fortkentdad View Post
I bought one of those Hampton Energy Monitor gizmo's and plugged it in.

Ran 3D Mark11 benchmark and played a little Shift2 to see what kind of watts it draws. Range from about 170 to 320w. Actually only saw it over 300 during one of the tests, typically it was in the 250-270 range during testing and the video game (game was actually a little lower in the 220 range.

I also checked the amps and it got up to 2.x (never saw a three) right now its settled in at 1.60 a . My 620m PSU is rated to 25 amp, is that measuring the same thing?

SO - looks like my Antec 620m is way more than I need right now - by almost twice the power draw.

I'll have to connect this gizmo downstairs and see what the old system is drawing on the 300 Happy PSu.
The amps your looking at do not directly link to what the PSU is rated at on a rail. You should focus on watts when you look at the power meter and what the power supply is rated at.

Modern computers pull most of their power from the 12volt rail. Amps are important when buying a power supply because a 500w power supply can produce 500w of DC power (assuming they are all of the same quality...which they aren't). Some might have a 12v rail that only supports 240w (that would be 20amps), and another may support 360w on the 12v rail (36 amps)...and the rest of the 500watt rating would come from say a 5volt generally speaking the second option would be better for a modern computer with a higher rating for 12v.

In electricity watts = amps x volts. What you read on the power meter for amps is based on the electricity from the wall (approx 110-120volts)...higher voltage means lower amps to produce the same 2 amps from the wall at 120 volts is 240watts...if all that 240watts was coming from a 12v rail it would be drawing 24amps. I won't even go into inefficiencies in PSU. Hopefully not over your head, but suffice to say only bother with wattage on the power meter.

You can think of it kind of like water. If you have a hose and a bucket, voltage and amperage would be water pressure (in this case pressure is fixed at 12v/5v/120v) and water flow rate (the max is always available, but you turn it on and off with the handle...or for a power supply when it demands it), which means watts is the total quantity of "water" that made it out of the hose and into the bucket.
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