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My System Specs


Bond007 -
Nothing scales perfectly either.
True. No point of arguing that the "overclock" is laughable and no point of perfect scaling either. However is not SuperPi only CPU - dependant app? With higher clock there almost automaticaly should be scalled up performance.
Not perfectly as the clock get higher, but at least remotely close reassembling the incrase in clock.
There should not be a 22,6 difference between increased Mhz and decreased time. It just does not make slight sense to me.

Dead Things -
Netburst was a notoriously poor performer in SuperPi anyway.
Quite obviously 3.3GHz and still cannot get under 44 sec? Come on...

It takes kinda a lot to make much of a dent in performance.
Yep, but... at least I would expect some corelation of the time and clock. This is like completely random...

Having said that, the LGA775 P4's tended to have a fair bit of overclocking headroom - so I'm a bit surprised that you were able to get so little out of it at stock volts.
The "mainboard" used did not allow increase of Vcore voltage. It allow only changes in ram and AGP voltages, witch must be first unlocked in ModBin, because with defalt bios these settings are invisible.

The increase is indeed laughably small. Rams was tested at 216MHz with tight timings some time ago and should not have a problem at 210MHz. The poor overclock might also have something to do with the AGP/PCI clocks being tied to the FSB, IIRC. Definitively there is no way to set them or lock them.

It was just a attempt to check out, how much I can overclock and how much this will change the SuperPi performance. For serious P4 overclocking it would need a good P4 LGA 775 mainboard. I was just playing there, during experimenting with another mobo that used to run stable at relative high overclocks and now it did not give a go at all...
So I sort of hoped that someone have similar experience or not increasing performance in SuperPi on the Presscot CPUs, so it can tell me that this is normal, because it just did not feel right to me.
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