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My System Specs


For gaming rigs, it's not wattage that matters, it's amperage on the 12v rail. Basically there is a ton of B.S. out there. This is why PSU calculators are useless. You're going to need 22.5 to 25 amps on the 12v rail per 7970. So that's 45-50 amps on the 12v rail to run xfire 7970 plus whatever else your system draws.

So a minimum for 7970x2 that I would recommend is a corsair ax 850. This should run 2 7970 overclocked and an overclocked system.

I always go overkill on my PSU selection so that it runs cool and quiet. So personally I would get a 1000 watt PSU for dual 7970, but that's overkill.
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