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Question Overclocking Pentium 4 540 - no change?!

Since my Super Pi 1M results on 3.2GHz Pentium 4 540 are somewhat disappointing 45.172 - 44.157sec:

So then I tried to overclock it a little. It is 200x16 = 3200MHz by default. The only one CPU tweak the MSI PM8M3-V mobo offer is the - after I unclocked it in the bios - FSB. 210MHz FSB post, yet failed to boot into Windows 2000 SP4, claiming that ACPI fail. Lol. 208MHz worked, booted and run SuperPi and CPU-Z validations:
CPU-Z Validator 3.1
CPU-Z Validator 3.1

So, a 3328MHz compared to 3200MHz = I hoped to gain something. But the SuperPi result was disapointingly low - 44.078sec...!!!

So, all the overclocking get me from 44.157sec to 44.078sec :o
I know that this is just a little 104% overclock, but 4% from 44.157sec is 1,76628 sec - and that I hoped to gain. Instead I gained 0,079 sec.


Hmmm. This is disproportional. Anyone can explain me this, or WTF is going on?!
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